Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Release energy by exiting roles in the Drama Triangle

One of the biggest ways through which we lose energy in our life is by playing different kinds of roles, oftentimes unconsciously. And one of the best tools for releasing ourselves from such role playing and freeing up tons of energy is the Drama Triangle.
Originally created by the psychotherapist Stephen Karpman, the Drama Triangle describes dysfunction that we frequently fall into in our relationships by playing the roles of Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer. Most of us have a tendency to gravitate towards one of these roles, but at one point or another we play them all. (Btw, we can also play these roles in the relationship we have with ourselves).
There are many good descriptions on the Internet of how the triangle works, with my favourite being this one. Most importantly, the site provides not only a good overview of how the triangle dynamic works, but also talks about how to avoid getting into it and how to get out of it once we recognize that we are in it. Recognizing when we are playing one of the roles is the first and most important step.
The book called "The Power of TED" also has a very interesting section on the triangle, calling it the Dreaded Drama Triangle. The author, David Emerald, offers a slightly different approach to getting out of the triangle, so you may wish to check that out as well. If you prefer a video seminar approach, there are also several videos on YouTube that you can find by simply searching for "Drama Triangle".

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