Monday, June 1, 2009

Addiction to comfort in the Western Society

I really believe that one of the biggest addictions of modern Western Society is what I call "addiction to comfort". I also believe that this addiction is one of the blocks that prevents us from being as happy as we could be.

Just consider the comfort humans have had throughout history in comparison to the comfort we are experiencing in our lives today. We have food, water, heat, dry clothes, means of communication, transportation, entertainment, etc., at our finger tips basically all the time. Then consider how irritated we get when something from that list does not work the way we think it should . I think anyone who lived even only a hundred years ago would have a good laugh at some of the things we call problems today.

In my opinion the best first step towards releasing ourselves from this addiction is to start being aware of it. Then there are also conscious practices we can do in order to begin learning how to relax in situations that are not that comfortable for us. One of the best practices for doing this is fasting. If we can remain relaxed and comfortable while hungry, it will carry over to other aspects of our lives. Another great practice is taking a cold shower every day, ideally in the morning and evening. Again, if we can learn to relax in the cold shower, this will expand our comfort zone for discomfort. A third tip is leaving the car at home and walking to where we want to go whenever possible. I am sure you can also come up with many practices of your own.

I wish you success in your efforts to become more comfortable with being less comfortable :-)


One note on fasting. Even though it is a very beneficial practice for many reasons, it is not for everyone. There are many good sites on the Internet about fasting, which I highly recommend checking out before beginning a fast. Also, if you have any doubts about whether fasting is for you, speak to your doctor first. And finally, never do a fast for weight loss purposes -- it is not a sustainable way of keeping weight down!

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