Monday, June 11, 2012

Did you know that you can live this life twice?!?

Recently I took a walk through the center of Prague, and in the Kampa area, close to the medieval Charles Bridge, I came across a monument that Prague firefighters built for the firefighters that lost their lives in New York in 2001. And the motto that is written on the monument goes something like this:

"A firefighter is a person who lives in this world twice: once for himself and once for others. And that is why a firefighter's life is the right example for the proper understanding of the human life."

Isn't that awesome??? That we can actually live this life twice?!? I am sure that firefighters won't mind if we take this concept as applicable for all people who engage in service to others. I really think that this is getting just about as close as we can get to the essence of life itself. So, let's all of us live this life twice! And as a bonus, I am sure that our personal happiness will soar sky high as a side-effect!