Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 easy steps to relaxation

Today's online daily published (in Czech) a great 10-step guide to relaxing, so because ability to relax is so important for living a happy life, I am taking a liberty of providing a translation below. I hope you enjoy it and actually find the time to use it :-)
Take a look at dogs - they use as many moments as possible for relaxing. Relaxing the body soon results in a relaxed mind. Try it like the dogs do, experts say!

Pick a calm, quiet place, where nobody will disturb you.

Start breathing as slowly and deeply as possible. The breathing should be calm and regular.

Before you begin, do a few excercise to remove any muscle tension.

Get comfortable - sit or lay down.

Slightly tighten and then relax all body parts, one by one: start with the tips of your toes and continue up to the head and face.

Concentrate on each body part, and think about heat, heaviness and relaxation.

Banish all thoughts that may disturb you: imagine how they are physically floating away.

Do not try to consciously relax your mind, just focus on the gradual relaxing of muscle groups.

Remain like this for at least 20 minutes. Then take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. But remain seated or lying down before you get up. And again think of a dog or another animal: before they get up, they always stretch out thoroughly.

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  1. Great Post!

    But, Remember!

    Always let sleeping dogs sleep. As waking them, can be a bit, ...disturbing.